Shoe Sizes Conversion To Any Country & You Can Convert In Cm to Feet Easy Ways

A proper fit is crucial for the health of your feet and walking comfortably. If you want to wear winter shoes with thick socks comfortably, you could choose the size or half a size larger. Summer shoes must be comfortable. Aside from the painful walk, your feet will be sliding around or crammed like sardines, and those blisters won’t take long to emerge.

How shoe sizes are calculated worldwide might make shopping for footwear abroad slightly unpleasant. Fortunately, you can find the precise size in-store with basic adding and subtraction. Even better, try finding a conversion table if you have a bit more time. In either case, it will be simple for you to determine your size and guarantee that your shoes are the perfect fit!

Differing shoe measurement techniques, production procedures, or tolerances even when the same system is being utilized. Measuring centimeters or inches may refer to the foot’s length or the shoe’s interior chamber. You might notice many shoe size schemes if you purchase shoes online. Since your feet may fluctuate gradually throughout your lifetime, you could also be curious about their size. Learn about the various approaches and how to precisely calculate your shoe size by reading on.

The size of your shoes indicates your foot’s length. Even though many shoes only come in standard or standard-and-wide widths, they may also reveal the breadth of your foot. To locate shoes that fit properly, you must thoroughly measure your foot. In the US, there are several shoe sizes. Each manufacturer mandates that each size of men’s shoes be 0.33 inches longer than before. Women’s shoe sizes are 1.5, as well as smaller than those of males. You will thus need a size 12 women’s shoe if you normally wear a size eight men’s shoe. It should be noted that Australia uses the American shoe size method for women’s footwear. As a result, they are two sizes smaller than the UK shoe sizing system.

How Can You Measure Your Shoe Size?

How Can You Measure Your Shoe Size

If you already know your size, great, but if not, this section will assist you with measuring. The key to finding shoes that fit is to measure your feet. Knowing this measurement allows you to switch between the various shoe sizing schemes easily. You must consistently and properly measure your feet. Let’s see how you can measure it.

  • Getting some necessary supplies should be your initial action. You’ll need some sturdy paper.
  • A pen or pencil is also necessary to trace around your foot. To carefully sketch the perimeter of your foot, use a tool with a tiny tip.
  • You can hardly get a precise trace of your foot. You must enlist a friend’s assistance. A ruler is the third item you’ll need. Choose either inside or cm. Look for a choice that has a distinct beginning point since those options measure more precisely.

By following these steps, you can get to know about your shoe size, or else you can use the shoe size chart given here.

Different Sizes And Their Conversion According To Different Countries

This article will give you a tonne of shoe conversion charts. You may get gorgeous shoes at affordable costs from merchants worldwide using these charts. Men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes will all be covered so you can buy them for everyone in your family. Even though there are many shoe sizing schemes, converting fast offers you many excellent possibilities. Since many shoe firms ship internationally but only provide sizes for their nation, this chapter is helpful. Shoe conversion tables make it simple to shop wherever the retailer is.

Shoe Size Conversion US Into UK, EU, And UK Into US, EU

The chart below shows that the US size is two sizes smaller than the UK size. There isn’t much difference between US and UK shoe sizes; typically, men and women only differ by 0.5 and 2 sizes, respectively.

So a US women’s size 9 is equivalent to a UK size 7, and a US men’s size 10.5 is equivalent to a UK men’s size 10. Men’s US shoe sizes 10 to 11 are converted to UK sizes by deducting one: 10 – 1 Equals 9. Subtract two from the US size to get the UK size for shoes for women in US size 10: 10 – 2 = 8. The table below can be used to determine your UK shoe size. Do not forget to measure both of your feet.

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length in CM
0.52032 EU Size19.4 CM
12.50.5 32.5 EU Size19.7 CM
1.53133 EU Size20.3 CM
23.51.533.5 EU Size20.6 CM
2.54234 EU Size21 CM
34.52.534.5 EU Size21.6 CM
3.55335 EU Size22.0 CM
45.53.535.5 EU Size22.4 CM
4.56436.5 EU Size22.9 CM
56.54.537 EU Size23.3 CM
5.57537.5 EU Size23.7 CM
67.55.538 EU Size24.1 CM
6.58639 EU Size24.6 CM
78.56.539.5 EU Size25.0 CM
7.59740 EU Size25.4 CM
89.57.540.5 EU Size25.8 CM
8.510841.5 EU Size26.2 CM
910.58.541.5 EU Size26.7 CM
9.511942.5 EU Size27.1 CM
1011.59.543.5 EU Size27.5 CM
10.5121044 EU Size27.9 CM
1112.510.544.5 EU Size28.4 CM
11.5131145.5 EU Size28.8 CM
1213.511.546 EU Size29.2 CM
12.5141246.5 EU Size29.6 CM
1314.512.547 EU Size30.1 CM
13.5151347.5 EU Size30.5 CM
1415.513.548.5 EU Size30.9 CM
14.5161449 EU Size31.3 CM
1516.514.549.5 EU Size31.8 CM
15.5171550 EU Size32.2 CM

Shoe Size Conversion US Into EU And EU Into US

The conversion of US shoe sizes is simple. European shoe sizes are universal, in contrast to US standards that clearly distinguish between men’s, women’s, and children’s shoe sizes. In the European shoe size system, the color and other design elements frequently indicate whether the footwear is for men or women. Size 50 in European sizing is equivalent to 12 23 inches. It is simplest to convert a US men’s shoe size to an EU size by adding 33 to the current US size.

An illustration would be if you wore a US men’s size 9, which would translate to an EU size of 42. In Europe, millimeters are used to measure shoe sizes. However, the number does not precisely equal the shoe size, much like in US shoes. – In the US, a size 44 will measure roughly 27.9 cm, or 11 inches, rather than 44 cm. The most popular sizes for ladies are size 39 (US size = 8), EU size 37 (US size = 6.5), and size 38 (US size = 7.5). You can also take some help from this given chart.

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeEU Shoe Size
0.5232 EU Size
12.532.5 EU Size
1.5333 EU Size
23.533.5 EU Size
2.5434 EU Size
34.534.5 EU Size
3.5535 EU Size
45.535.5 EU Size
4.5636.5 EU Size
56.537 EU Size
5.5737.5 EU Size
67.538 EU Size
6.5839 EU Size
78.539.5 EU Size
7.5940 EU Size
89.540.5 EU Size
8.51041.5 EU Size
910.541.5 EU Size
9.51142.5 EU Size
1011.543.5 EU Size
10.51244 EU Size
1112.544.5 EU Size
11.51345.5 EU Size
1213.546 EU Size
12.51446.5 EU Size
1314.547 EU Size
13.51547.5 EU Size
1415.548.5 EU Size
14.51649 EU Size
1516.549.5 EU Size
15.51750 EU Size

Shoe Size Conversion EU Into UK And UK Into EU

It’s that easy! UK sizes are based on centimeter measures, each with a 0.4–0.5 cm difference. Similar to UK sizes, EU shoe sizes are measured in cm. The number does not, however, exactly relate to the shoe size. For instance, an EU size 37 will be roughly 24 centimeters long rather than 37 cm long.

Simply double your UK size by 33 to get your current EU size. For example, a UK size 6 is an EU size 39. Similarly, you may change an EU size to a UK size by deducting 33 from the EU size. Moreover, you can see this chart given below and take some help.

Men’s EU To Uk Shoe Size Chart
Women’s EU To Uk Shoe Size Chart
EU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe Size
EU Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeUS Shoe Size

Children’s Shoe Size Conversion

Because children’s feet frequently develop fast, purchasing shoes for them might be challenging. As a result, you must frequently measure their foot. Knowing their shoe size generally allows you to buy shoes when they are on sale, even if you sneak away without them. Saving money by doing this can be quite beneficial. Most youngsters start wearing kid-sized shoes around the time they turn four.

Girls have even more options since there comes a time when they can wear both the little girl’s and ladies’ shoes. The same is true for guys, so they have many fantastic alternatives. The difference between children’s shoes and adult shoes may be different depending on where you purchase them. Always follow your feet size.

Using baby shoes is a great technique to keep your baby’s feet warm before they even learn to walk. These shoes should be incredibly flexible and supple. Considering how rapidly newborns develop, make sure the items you buy for them have adequate area for growth. Choose shoes with a flexible sole once your kid is old enough to begin walking. Since most toddlers have flat feet, stay away from high-arched footwear unless your baby’s doctor advises it. You may use this chart to determine the proper size of infant shoes.

Uk Children Shoe SizeEU Children Shoe SizeUS Children Shoe Size
0 JNR15
1/2 JNR16
1 JNR16
11/2 JNR172
2 JNR17.521/2
21/2 JNR183
3 JNR194
31/2 JNR19.541/2
4 JNR205
41/2 JNR2151/2
5 JNR21.561/2
51/2 JNR22
6 JNR237
61/2 JNR23.5
7 JNR248
71/2 JNR24.581/2
8 JNR25
81/2 JNR269
9 JNR26.510
91/2 JNR27
10 JNR2810 1/2
10 1/2 JNR28.5
11 JNR2912
11 1/2 JNR3012 1/2
12 JNR30.5
12 1/2 JNR3113
13 JNR31.51
13 1/2 JNR32
61/2406 1/2

Baby Shoe Size Conversion 0 To 12 Months

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeCA SizeInchesSize CM
015003 1/8 IN7.9 CM
0.5160.50.53 1/4 IN8.3 CM
1160.513 1/2 IN8.9 CM
1.51711.53 5/8 IN9.2 CM
217123 3/4 IN9.5 CM
2.5181.52.54 IN10.2 CM
318234 1/8 IN10.5 CM
3.5192.53.54 1/4 IN10.8 CM
419344 1/2 IN11.4 CM

Baby Walker Shoe Size Conversion 12 To 24 Months

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeCA SizeInchesSize CM
4.5203.54.54 5/8 IN11.7 CM
520454 3/4 IN12.1 CM
5.5214.55.55 IN12.7 CM
622565 1/8 IN13 CM
6.5225.56.55 1/4 IN13.3 CM
723675 1/2 IN14 CM

Toddler Shoe Size Conversion 2 To 4 Years

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeCA SizeInchesSize CM
7.5246.57.55 5/8 IN14.3 CM
824785 3/4 IN14.6 CM
8.5257.58.56 IN15.2 CM
925896 1/8 IN15.6 CM
9.5268.59.56 1/4 IN15.9 CM
10279106 1/2 IN16.5 CM
10.5279.510.56 5/8 IN16.8 CM
112810116 3/4 IN17.1 CM
11.52910.511.57 IN17.8 CM
123011127 1/8 IN18.1 CM

Little Kids Shoe Size Conversion 4 To 8 Years

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeCA SizeInchesSize CM
12.53011.512.57 1/4 IN18.4 CM
133112137 1/2 IN19.1 CM
13.53112.513.57 5/8 IN19.4 CM
1321317 3/4 IN19.7 CM
1.53313.51.58 IN20.3 CM
233128 1/8 IN20.6 CM
2.5341.52.58 1/4 IN21 CM
334238 1/2 IN21.6 CM

Big Kids Shoe Size Conversion 8 To 12 Years

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeCA SizeInchesSize CM
3.5352.53.58 5/8 IN5.5
436348 3/4 IN6 CM
4.5363.54.59 IN6.5 CM
537459 1/8 IN7 CM
5.5374.55.59 1/4 IN7.5 CM
638569 1/2 IN8 CM
6.5385.56.59 5/8 IN8.5 CM
739679 3/4 IN9 CM

Shoe Size Conversion In Cm And Feets

Additionally, we have included each size’s length in inches and cm. By utilizing the foot length in this manner, you may quickly and simply change any shoe size. Use the chart and the steps below to measure your foot to determine your proper size.

Conversion Chart Of Cm Into Feet

Like the imperial unit of inches, cm is metric unit that may determine the length of small items. It takes 2.54 cm to equal 1 inch, indicating that centimeters are smaller than inches. There are 10 millimeters in each of the 100 centimeters that make up a meter. You will receive wildly varying height estimates depending on where you reside.

This is because centimeters utilize the metric system and are substantially smaller than imperial quantities, like inches or feet. It is converting from centimeters to inches. Subtract 2.54 from the length value. To acquire the value in feet, divide the step 1 value received by 12. You can also check that in the given chart below.

CentimetersFeetFeet And Inches
160 CM5.25 FEET5 FT / 3 IN
161 CM5.28 FEET5 FT / 3.4 IN
162 CM5.31 FEET5 FT / 3.8 IN
163 CM5.35 FEET5 FT / 4.2 IN
164 CM5.38 FEET5 FT / 4.6 IN
165 CM5.41 FEET5 FT / 5 IN
166 CM5.45 FEET5 FT / 5.4 IN
167 CM5.48 FEET5 FT / 5.7 IN
168 CM5.51 FEET5 FT / 6.1 IN
169 CM5.54 FEET5 FT / 6.5 IN
170 CM5.58 FEET5 FT / 6.9 IN
171 CM5.61 FEET5 FT / 7.3 IN
172 CM5.64 FEET5 FT / 7.7 IN
173 CM5.68 FEET5 FT / 8.1 IN
174 CM5.71 FEET5 FT / 8.5 IN
175 CM5.74 FEET5 FT / 8.9 IN
176 CM5.77 FEET5 FT / 9.3 IN
177 CM5.81 FEET5 FT / 9.7 IN
178 CM5.84 FEET5 FT / 10.1 IN
179 CM5.87 FEET5 FT / 10.5 IN
180 CM5.91 FEET5 FT / 10.9 IN
181 CM5.94 FEET5 FT / 11.3 IN
182 CM5.97 FEET5 FT / 11.7 IN
183 CM6 FEET6 FT / 0 IN
184 CM6.04 FEET6 FT / 0.4 IN
185 CM6.07 FEET6 FT / 0.8 IN
186 CM6.1 FEET6 FT / 1.2 IN
187 CM6.14 FEET6 FT / 1.6 IN
188 CM6.17 FEET6 FT / 2 IN
189 CM6.2 FEET6 FT / 2.4 IN
190 CM6.23 FEET6 FT / 2.8 IN
191 CM6.27 FEET6 FT / 3.2 IN
192 CM6.3 FEET6 FT / 3.6 IN
193 CM6.33 FEET6 FT / 4 IN
194 CM6.36 FEET6 FT / 4.4 IN
195 CM6.4 FEET6 FT / 4.8 IN
196 CM6.43 FEET6 FT / 5.2 IN
197 CM6.46 FEET6 FT / 5.6 IN
198 CM6.5 FEET6 FT / 6 IN
199 CM6.53 FEET6 FT / 6.3 IN
200 CM6.56 FEET6 FT / 6.7 IN
Formula Of Conversion Cm To Feet

We need to be aware of the formula to convert centimeters to feet. For instance, we must change 10 cm to feet. To obtain the answer, multiply 10 by 0.0328084. Because of this, 10 cm equals 10 x 0.0328084 ft or 0.328084 ft.

Conversion Chart Of Feet Into Cm

They allow us to gauge an individual’s or group’s length. They can also aid in determining the distance between two points. While “foot” refers to the singular unit of measurement, “feet” is the plural form. The feet times 30.48 provide the length in millimeters.

For instance, 66 inches is the height of a person who is 5 feet 6 inches tall. 2.54 centimeters are equivalent to one inch (cm). Simply multiply your height in inches by 2.54 to obtain your height in cm to complete the conversion. In this instance, 5’6″ tall equals 167.64 cm when measured using the metric system (66 x 2.54).

Feet And InchesFEETCentimeters
5 FT / 0 IN5 FEET152.4 CM
5 FT / 1 IN5.08 FEET154.94 CM
5 FT / 2 IN5.17 FEET157.48 CM
5 FT / 3 IN5.25 FEET160.02 CM
5 FT / 4 IN5.33 FEET162.56 CM
5 FT / 5 IN5.42 FEET165.1 CM
5 FT / 6 IN5.5 FEET167.64 CM
5 FT / 7 IN5.8 FEET170.18 CM
5 FT / 8 IN5.67 FEET172.72 CM
5 FT / 9 IN5.75 FEET172.26 CM
5 FT / 10 IN5.83 FEET177.8 CM
5 FT / 11 IN5.92 FEET180.34 CM
6 FT / 0 IN6 FEET182.88 CM
6 FT / 1 IN6.08 FEET185.42 CM
6 FT / 2 IN6.17 FEET187.96 CM
6 FT / 3 IN6.25 FEET190.5 CM
6 FT / 4 IN6.33 FEET193.04 CM
6 FT / 5 IN6.42 FEET195.58 CM
6 FT / 6 IN6.5 FEET198.12 CM
6 FT / 7 IN6.58 FEET200.66 CM
6 FT / 8 IN6.67 FEET203.2 CM
6 FT / 9 IN6.75 FEET205.74 CM
6 FT / 10 IN6.83 FEET208.28 CM
6 FT / 11 IN6.92 FEET210.82 CM
Formula Of Conversion Feet To Cm

Add 30.48 cm to the given number of feet to convert to cm. For instance, 3 ft = 3 x 30.48 yields 91.44 cm. 5 Feet = 152.4 Centimeters is another illustration. (Exact outcome) A foot measures precisely 12 inches or 0.3048 meters in length.

Common Feet To Cm Conversion With Chart

  • 5 Feet 1 Inches = 154.94 Cm
  • 5 Feet 2 Inches = 157.48 Cm
  • 5 Feet 3 Inches = 160.02 Cm
  • 5 Feet 4 Inches = 162.56 Cm
  • 5 Feet 5 Inches = 165.1 Cm
  • 5 Feet 6 Inches = 167.64 Cm
  • 5 Feet 7 Inches = 170.18 Cm
  • 5 Feet 8 Inches = 172.72 Cm
  • 5 Feet 9 Inches = 175.26 Cm
  • 5 Feet 10 Inches = 177.8 Cm
  • 5 Feet 11 Inches = 180.34 Cm
  • 6 Feet 0 Inches = 182.88 Cm
  • 6 Feet 1 Inches = 185.42 Cm
  • 6 Feet 2 Inches = 187.96 Cm

Some Questionable Answers Which Can Solve Your Problems

What European-size shoe conversion?

As you can see, this article is based on the conversion of shoe size in which we added the section on EU size shoe conversion, so you can read our article and get to know what you want.

What is the conversion of men’s shoe sizes to women’s?

In general, the length of men’s and women’s shoes is 1.5 sizes different (ladies, if you wear a size 8.5, you would wear a size 7), but the width size is the same (so if you wear a women’s D, you also wear a men’s D).

What is the shoe size conversion from uk to the us?

As you can see, this article is centred on the conversion of shoe sizes, and we provided a part on the UK to US size shoe conversion so that you may read it and figure out what you want.

What is the women’s shoe size to men’s conversion?

The size difference between men’s and women’s clothing is around 1.5 sizes. So just use the method we discuss in the above words.  NOTE: Men’s sizes apply to unisex designs. Size down 1.5 sizes for women.

What is the conversion size 39 in us shoe size?

After translating 39 show sizes to US shoe sizes, size 7 will result. You can use the tables in this post for more guidance.

What shoe size seven converted from men to women?

The size difference between men’s and women’s clothing is around 1.5 sizes. For instance, a men’s size 7 is similar to a women’s size 8.5.


So this is the ending point of our article. In this article, our main motive is to help you guys and guide you about conversion and how you can convert the shoe size according to your country. Firstly we have an introduction for you guys and trying to tell you that all your problems will be resolved here. After that, we give some guidance if you dont know about your shoe size.

Then we share some methods of converting shoe sizes according to your country. For example, if you live in the US and buy shoes from the UK, we share some methods through which you can convert your size to whatever country size you want.

And dont worry, you will get all shoe sizes for men, women, kids, and even babies. You will get to know the shoe size and about conversion of it. After all the conversions, we have a section where we share how you guys can convert your shoe size cm into feet or feet into cm. This will also help you in converting your size or knowing about it. In the end, some questions occur in your mind, so we give answers to them for your satisfaction. We hope this article will also help you as the other articles did.

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