Various Methods for Quickly Measuring Ring Sizes in MM and CM for Men and Women

It is especially crucial to get the size correct if you want to buy a costly or emotional ring that you will wear every day since you don’t want to run the danger of losing it or finding it uncomfortable to wear. It is crucial to measure your ring size to ensure the ideal size and an excellent fit from the start.

Most of the time, resizing problems may be avoided if you can take an exact measurement the first time. Nevertheless, it happens frequently to purchase the incorrect ring size. Furthermore, there isn’t a specific “size” for each finger that will always feel good. Depending on the ring’s design, breadth, and weight, the size will need to be altered.

For instance, on the same finger, You may wear a 7 in a large band and a 6 1/2 in a narrow ring. Men’s and women’s typical ring sizes are 812 and 6, respectively. A little common sense will help you accurately determine your partner’s ring size.

Try beginning at a size 4 or 412 for ladies and approximately a 7 for men if your companion is small-framed, as their hands are probably smaller with delicate fingers. Don’t be afraid to size up. Making a ring smaller rather than larger requires far less effort. If you reside in a warm climate where the heat might cause your fingers to swell, going up a size may be preferable.

Some Common Problems Which May Happen To You

There may be a few problems that might occur with the ring size. But don’t worry, we will give you solutions for resolving them.

Ring Resizing Problem:

To ensure the greatest fit, the ring resizing procedure involves either adding or subtracting tiny quantities of metal depending on the difference between the original size ordered and the new size desired. Because of this, your ring can be somewhat thicker or thinner after being resized. Visual perception frequently cannot pick up on these minute changes.

Ring Cant Be Resized:

To turn a ring back into a ring, a jeweler would frequently cut a little bit of the band and then solder the pieces. The ring is then polished, and any oxidation is removed, leaving you with a ring that is the right size. The jeweler can stretch the metal if the band is thick enough or if the ring is too tiny.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Ring At Home

Asking is the greatest approach to learning someone else’s ring size if you’re buying a gift. Collaborate with friends and family if you’re organizing a surprise. Without raising an eyebrow, they are free to inquire. Women’s rings typically come in sizes 3 to 9, with smaller sizes more readily available.

Women’s rings in sizes 5 to 7 are the most popular. Most people like size 6. Men may get rings in sizes 6 to 13, which is the typical range. Men’s rings in sizes 8 to 10-1 are the most often bought types. Most people like size 9.

You can get the proper size ring by using these common measurements. Please contact us if you can’t find the size you require professionals for assistance placing a unique order.

“You may use several ways at home to determine your ring size.”

First Method of Measuring Ring Size With Paper

How to Measure the Size of Your Ring At Home
  • Your finger’s base should be wrapped in thread or paper.
  • Mark the intersection of the ends with a pen.
  • Using a ruler, gauge the string or paper (mm).
  • Use the closest measurement on the ring size chart to determine your ring size.

Second Method Of Measuring

This quick way of determining ring size works well.

  • Using a piece of jewelry that you already purchased and is known to fit you.
  • Print out our ring size chart, then position your ring on the rounds.
  • You find the one that matches your ring’s internal circumference.

Third Method Of Measuring Ring Size With Plastic Strip

Third Method Of Measuring Ring Size With Plastic Strip

If one of the aforementioned methods does not guarantee accuracy and you are concerned, you can purchase your ring-measurement instrument. To accomplish this step, you once again do not need to leave your home. We advise using the plastic strip because it has the best ratings as a ring-sizing tool. A strip fixed with a ring size incline or a narrow measurement tape.

  • Paper or thread should not be used to obtain accurate results using plastic strips.
  • Your finger will be wrapped with a plastic strip.
  • The strip should be inserted with one end into the other.
  • To acquire an accurate measurement of your ring size, tighten it slightly.

How To Determine A Ring’s Size In Inches

How To Determine A Rings Size In Inches 1

There are some steps through which you can find out ring size in inches easily and very quickly. Follow these steps to get your precise ring size after printing the sizer.

  • Eliminate the ring sizer.
  • For Slot “A,” make a slit.
  • The sizer should be wrapped around the finger where the ring will be worn with the numbers facing out. When the sizer is snug, pull Tab “Bsharp “‘s end through Slot “A.”
  • Similar to the previous stages, measure your knuckle.
  • Your ring size determines which of the two integers in Slot “B” is bigger.

Can also get some help from the given charts.

Ring Size USInside Circumference
Inside Circumference
00001.22″31.13 MM
001.39″33.68 MM
01.43″36.22 MM
1/21.49″37.54 MM
3/41.51″38.26 MM
11.53″38.86 MM
1 1/41.56″39.58 MM
1 1/21.58″40.15 MM
1 3/41.61″40.84 MM
21.63″41.50 MM
2 1/41.66″42.13 MM
2 1/21.68″42.76 MM
2 3/41.71″43.45 MM
31.74″44.14 MM
3 1/81.75″44.45 MM
3 1/41.76″44.77 MM
3 3/81.77″45.11 MM
3 1/21.79″45.40 MM
3 5/81.80″45.74 MM
3 3/41.81″46.02 MM
41.84″46.68 MM
4 1/41.86″47.25 MM
4 1/21.89″47.97 MM
4 5/81.90″48.38 MM
4 3/41.92″48.79 MM
51.94″49.32 MM
5 1/81.95″49.64 MM
5 1/41.97″49.95 MM
5 3/81.98″50.27 MM
5 1/21.99″50.58 MM
5 3/42.02″51.21 MM
5 7/82.03″51.55 MM
62.04″51.87 MM
6 1/42.07″52.50 MM
6 1/22.09″53.16 MM
6 3/42.12″53.82 MM
72.15″54.51 MM
7 1/42.16″54.82 MM
7 1/22.20″55.76 MM
7 3/42.22″56.45 MM
82.25″57.15 MM
8 1/42.27″57.65 MM
8 1/22.29″58.21 MM
8 5/82.30″58.47 MM
8 3/42.31″58.72 MM
8 7/82.32″59.06 MM
92.35″59.34 MM
9 1/82.36″60.00 MM
9 1/42.38″60.38 MM
9 3/82.39″60.66 MM
9 1/22.40″60.98 MM
9 5/82.41″61.29 MM
9 3/42.43″61.64 MM
102.45″62.33 MM
10 1/42.48″62.89 MM
10 1/22.50″63.46 MM
10 5/82.51″63.84 MM
10 3/42.53″64.21 MM
112.56″64.97 MM
11 1/82.57″65.22 MM
11 1/42.58″65.50 MM
11 3/82.59″65.50 MM
11 1/22.61″66.22 MM
11 5/82.662″66.54 MM
11 3/42.63″66.73 MM
11 7/82.64″66.92 MM
122.66″67.51 MM
12 1/42.68″68.14 MM
12 1/22.71″68.77 MM
12 3/42.773″69.43 MM
132.76″70.15 MM
13.52.80″71.00 MM
  • Size 0 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.43 inches.
  • Size 1 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.53 inches.
  • Size 2 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.63 inches.
  • Size 3 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.74 inches.
  • Size 4 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.84 inches.
  • Size 5 corresponds to a finger measurement of 1.94 inches.
  • Size 6 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.04 inches.
  • Size 7 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.15 inches.
  • Size 8 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.25 inches.
  • Size 9 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.35 inches.
  • Size 10 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.45 inches.
  • Size 11 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.56 inches.
  • Size 12 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.66 inches.
  • Size 13 corresponds to a finger measurement of 2.76 inches.

International Ring Size Guide Chart

Diameter (mm)US & CaEuropeUK & AustraliaSingapore & JapanHong KongSwitzerland
14.1 MM344F 1/2464
14.3 MM45G55 1/4
14.5 MM3.5G 1/27
14.7 MM46H66 1/2
14.9 MM447H 1/278
15.1 MMI7 3/4
15.3 MM4.548I 1/289
15.5 MMJ109
15.7 MM549J 1/29
15.9 MM50K1110
16.1 MM5.5K 1/210
16.3 MM51L1211 3/4
16.5 MM652L 1/2111312 3/4
16.7 MMM12
16.9 MM6.553M 1/2131414
17.1 MMN
17.3 MM754N 1/2141515 1/4
17.5 MM55O16
17.7 MM7.5O 1/21516 1/2
17.9 MM56P17
18.1 MM857P 1/21617 3/4
18.2 MM18
18.3 MMQ
18.5 MM8.558Q 1/217
18.8 MM59R1919
19 MM9R 1/21820
19.2 MM60S20 1/4
19.4 MM9.561S 1/21921
19.6 MMT21 1/2
19.8 MM1062T 1/22022
20 MMU21
20.2 MM10.563U 1/2222322 3/4
20.4 MM64V24
20.6 MM11V 1/223
20.8 MM65W2525
21 MM11.566W 1/224
21.2 MMX26
21.4 MM1267X 1/2252727 1/2
21.6 MMY
21.8 MM12.568Z2628 3/4
22 MM69Z 1/2
22.2 MM137027
22.4 MMZ+1
22.6 MM13.5Z+2

How To Determine A Ring Size In CM

There are some steps through which you can find out ring size in inches easily and very quickly.

  • A ruler and a piece of thin wire or thread should be used.
  • Use the thread and tie a loose knot around the finger on which you intend to wear the ring.
  • Where it ends, mark it.
  • With a ruler, measure the grip to ensure it is even.
  • The size scale is now a plus/minus scale, as you will see.
  • To measure accurately, make sure your hands are warm.

Can also use the provided charts for guidance.

Ring Size USInside Circumference
Inside Circumference
21.63″4.14 CM
2.51.69″4.29 CM
31.74″4.41 CM
3.51.79″4.54 CM
41.84″4.7 CM
4.51.89″4.8 CM
51.94″4.9 CM
5.51.99″5.05 CM
62.04″5.18 CM
6.52.09″5.30 CM
72.14″5.43 CM
7.52.19″5.56 CM
82.24″5.68 CM
8.52.29″5.81 CM
92.34″5.94 CM
9.52.39″6.07 CM
102.44″6.19 CM

The size of your finger is referred to below.

  • Size 2 corresponds to a finger measurement of 4.14 cm.
  • Size 3 corresponds to a finger measurement of 4.41 cm.
  • Size 4 corresponds to a finger measurement of 4.7 cm.
  • Size 5 corresponds to a finger measurement of 4.9 cm.
  • Size 6 corresponds to a finger measurement of 5.18 cm.
  • Size 7 corresponds to a finger measurement of 5.43 cm.
  • Size 8 corresponds to a finger measurement of 5.68 cm.
  • Size 9 corresponds to a finger measurement of 5.94 cm.
  • Size 10 corresponds to a finger measurement of 6.19 cm.

Some Questions Which May Occur In Your Mind

How to measure your ring size at home?

As you can see, the topic of this entire post is it. We also include several instructions on measuring a ring’s size at home, so you can simply use them to determine the size.

Are men’s and women’s ring sizes the same?

Either men or women may wear the majority of the rings. The size of women’s rings is likewise often smaller. Women often wear rings in size 6. It would be thicker and wider for men. Men’s rings still contain some sparkle, but it’s often less than what you’d find on a woman.

What is the average ring size for a woman?

Ring sizes for men and women typically range from 6 to 812 inches. With a little common sense, it’s possible to predict your partner’s ring size accurately. Start with a size 4 or 412 for women and roughly a 7 for men if your spouse is small-framed because it’s probable that they have tiny hands with delicate fingers.

What Estimate ring size by height and weight of Men & Women?

If she is lower than usual in height, her weight falls between a size 4 and a size 6. A person of average height, slender build, and weight should have a ring size between 6 and 7. She could have larger fingers with a ring size between 7 and 9, especially if she is tall.

Ring finger sizes for men with smaller hands, shorter statures, and slender hands range from size 7 to size 10. Those with a medium build, average height, and weight often wear rings in the 10 to 11 range. His ring size may range from about size 11 to size 15 if he is taller than normal, strongly built, or has larger hands.

How to find out the ring size without him knowing?

Making an educated guess as to your partner’s ring size without telling them or outright asking them may be necessary if you want to keep the purchase of your engagement ring a secret. It would be simpler in this situation if you could obtain a ring that the person wears on their ring finger and measure the inner band’s diameter or have the ring sized.


After going through lots of sections here, we are at the ending section. As you see, we do so much hard work only for you guys so that you will get all your answers and whatever information from here. So we start this article with a brief introduction through which you will get some idea of what’s going to be ahead.

Then you can see we have three different methods of measurement here. Through this, you can easily and quickly measure your ring size, partner, or child easily and quickly by sitting at home. Also, some measurements in inches and cm with charts can check your accurate size number.

You will also face some problems while buying them or whatever problems related to your ring size. Dont worry, we will also give solutions to them. And at the end, some questions which can occur in your mind we answer you. So dont be late get your guidance from here and your ring.

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