A Complete Guide To Understanding Shoe Width And How To Measure Men To Women Shoe Size

A good fit is essential for your feet’s well-being and comfortable walking. Select the size or one-half size larger if you want to wear winter boots with thick socks without discomfort. Comfortable summer footwear is essential. Your feet will be slipping or jammed like sardines, and blisters won’t take long to form in addition to the excruciating stroll. It may be a little uncomfortable to buy shoes overseas because of how shoe sizes are determined globally.

Fortunately, you can determine the exact size in-store with simple addition and subtraction. If you have more time, try searching for a conversion table. Your ability to establish your size and ensure that your shoes fit perfectly will be straightforward in any scenario. The right shoe size is crucial because your feet should be supported, and your shoes should have a form that helps to release muscles, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the foot.

Our feet naturally lengthen and widen with time and due to gravity, says Dr. Rowland. “That occurs once our ligaments and tendons gradually loosen over time.” As you age, your feet can also become wider and acquire abnormalities like bunions and hammertoes, says Dr. Your shoe size gives you an idea of how long your feet are.

The width of your foot may be visible even if many shoes are only available in normal or standard-and-wide sizes. You must carefully measure your foot to choose shoes that fit you adequately. There are various shoe sizes in the US. Men’s shoe manufacturers must make each size 0.33 inches longer than before. The dimensions of women’s shoes are 1.5 sizes smaller than the ones used by men.

Therefore, if your typical shoe size is a size eight for males, you will require a size 12 for ladies. Australia follows the American shoe size system for women’s footwear. It should be mentioned. This causes them to be two sizes smaller than the UK shoe sizing system.

How You Can Measure Your Show Size And Width

Shoe Size Measurement

Step 1: Shoe Size Measurement

There are a few steps through which you learn how to measure your shoe size to get your perfect fit shoe. If you already know your size, that’s wonderful, but if not, you may use this section to learn how to measure.

Measuring your feet is essential for selecting shoes that fit. You may quickly transition between the various shoe size systems by being aware of this measurement. Your feet must be routinely and accurately measured. Let’s examine the measurement options.

  • You may go barefoot or put on the socks you’ll wear with your new shoes. Step out onto a firm surface.
  • Enlist the aid of a buddy. Standing upright, evenly distribute your weight between both legs.
  • Trace both of your feet, as it’s common for one to be longer than the other.
  • The distance between the two notable spots should be calculated (from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe).
  • You may also use the measurements from the longer foot to record the results in writing.

You can use this easy method to measure whom ever shoe size you want to measure could be a man, a woman, or may b a kid too. Just follow these easy steps, and you will get your shoe size at the end. You can also take some help from the charts below to check it correctly.

Step 2: Shoe Width Measurement

Shoe Width Measurement

Your feet’s comfort and health are significantly impacted by shoe width. Too tight shoes can cause pressure and friction on your feet, resulting in various foot issues. The form and size of your feet might alter with time due to aging, gravity, and other variables.

The next logical step (pun intended) in pursuing the ideal fit is to find the ideal width to guarantee optimal comfort. So, we will assist you in determining the shoe width by using charts, directions for measuring, and helpful hints on how to discover the best-fitting shoes quickly.

  • Wrap the widest area of your foot firmly, but not too tightly, with a soft, flexible tape measure, such as tailor’s tape.
  • Put your foot on the ground and stand with your weight distributed as you normally would.
  • Mark the tape with a pencil or erasable pen while keeping it perpendicular to the ground, then measure the width of your foot at its widest point.

You can also use the shoe tables on this page to get your width.

A Conversion Of Men’s Shoe Size Into Women’s Show Size

Due to the differences in our feet, men’s and women’s shoes are made differently. Male and female feet pronate differently in addition to having differing foot shapes. Women’s hips are broader than men’s, which changes the angle at which the foot makes contact with the ground.

Between men’s and women’s sizes, there is about a 1.5-size gap. For instance, a size 7 men’s shoe is similar to an 8.5 women’s shoe. However, widths are kept constant after conversion; if you normally wear a women’s D width, you will also typically wear a men’s D width.

Moreover, you can take some help from this chart below and match the size you converted.

US Men’s Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFoot Length in CM
0.52032 EU Size19.4 CM
12.50.5 32.5 EU Size19.7 CM
1.53133 EU Size20.3 CM
23.51.533.5 EU Size20.6 CM
2.54234 EU Size21 CM
34.52.534.5 EU Size21.6 CM
3.55335 EU Size22.0 CM
45.53.535.5 EU Size22.4 CM
4.56436.5 EU Size22.9 CM
56.54.537 EU Size23.3 CM
5.57537.5 EU Size23.7 CM
67.55.538 EU Size24.1 CM
6.58639 EU Size24.6 CM
78.56.539.5 EU Size25.0 CM
7.59740 EU Size25.4 CM
89.57.540.5 EU Size25.8 CM
8.510841.5 EU Size26.2 CM
910.58.541.5 EU Size26.7 CM
9.511942.5 EU Size27.1 CM
1011.59.543.5 EU Size27.5 CM
10.5121044 EU Size27.9 CM
1112.510.544.5 EU Size28.4 CM
11.5131145.5 EU Size28.8 CM
1213.511.546 EU Size29.2 CM
12.5141246.5 EU Size29.6 CM
1314.512.547 EU Size30.1 CM
13.5151347.5 EU Size30.5 CM
1415.513.548.5 EU Size30.9 CM
14.5161449 EU Size31.3 CM
1516.514.549.5 EU Size31.8 CM
15.5171550 EU Size32.2 CM

A Conversion Of Women’s Shoe Size Into Men’s Show Size

In general, men’s and women’s shoes range in length by 1.5 sizes (ladies, if you wear a size 8.5, you would wear a size 7), but they have the same width (so if you wear a D in women’s shoes, you would wear a D in men’s shoes).

An “M” for medium width may occasionally appear next to a woman’s and a man’s regular. The letter A may also indicate women’s medium/regular breadth. Shoes for men and women are created differently because of the variances in our feet. In addition to having varied foot forms, the pronation of male and female feet differs.

Because women’s hips are wider than men’s, the angle at which the foot makes contact with the ground is altered. In addition, you may use the chart below to compare the converted size to the original.

  • A women’s size 2 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 0.5.
  • A women’s size 2.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 1.
  • A women’s size 3 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 1.5.
  • A women’s size 3.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 2.
  • A women’s size 4 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 2.5.
  • A women’s size 4.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 3.
  • A women’s size 5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 3.5.
  • A women’s size 5.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 4.
  • A women’s size 6 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 4.5.
  • A women’s size 6.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 5.
  • A women’s size 7 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 5.5.
  • A women’s size 7.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 6.
  • A women’s size 8 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 6.5.
  • A women’s size 8.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 7.
  • A women’s size 9 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 7.5.
  • A women’s size 9.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 8.
  • A women’s size 10 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 8.5.
  • A women’s size 10.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 9.
  • A women’s size 11 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 9.5.
  • A women’s size 11.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 10.
  • A women’s size 12 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 10.5.
  • A women’s size 12.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 11.
  • A women’s size 13 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 11.5.
  • A women’s size 13.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 12.
  • A women’s size 14 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 12.5.
  • A women’s size 14.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 13.
  • A women’s size 15 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 13.5.
  • A women’s size 15.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 14
  • A women’s size 16 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 14.5.
  • A women’s size 16.5 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 15.
  • A women’s size 17 is pretty much equivalent to a men’s size 15.5.

Get To Know About Shoe Width Of Men

Shoe Width Of Men

E breadth is considered extra-wide for ladies and wide for males as you move up the scale. It’s said to be a Narrow width for guys. The most typical width for males is a “D,” categorized as a Normal, Medium, or Standard width.

Similar to how adding more ‘A’ letters widens the overall width, the most popular ‘E’ letter sizes are 2E and 4E. For males, a 2E shoe is regarded as Wide, while a 4E or bigger is regarded as Extra Wide. Extra wide shoes, or EE width shoes, are available in men’s and women’s sizes. Historically, ladies had difficulty finding EE-width shoes, but more manufacturers now provide them.

US SizeNarrow (C)Average (D)Wide (E)
63 5⁄16″3 1⁄2″3 11⁄16″
6.53 5⁄16″3 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″
73 3⁄8″3 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″
7.53 3⁄8″3 11⁄16″3 15⁄16″
83 1⁄2″3 3⁄4″3 15⁄16″
8.53 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″4″
93 5⁄8″3 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″
9.53 11⁄16″3 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″
103 3⁄4″4″4 3⁄16″
10.53 3⁄4″4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″
113 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″
11.53 15⁄16″4 3⁄16″4 3⁄8″
124″4 5⁄16″4 3⁄8″
12.54 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″4 1⁄2″
134 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″4 5⁄8″
13.54 3⁄16″4 3⁄8″4 3⁄4″

Get To Know About Width With Letters

The letter corresponding to the width is typically placed next to your numerical shoe size. Unless you’re in a specialty shoe store, the bulk of shoes on the shelves is medium-width. Here in this chart, you will get the letters in which the shoe manufacturers describe their width for men.

DMedium or AverageM or A
2E or EEWideW
4E or EEEEExtra-WideWW or XW or EW

Get To Know About Shoe Width Of Women

Shoe Width Of WOMen

What is the difference in shoe width between men’s and women’s shoes? Men normally have broader feet. Therefore, a medium width for a guy is a D. Still, a woman’s medium width is a B since women’s feet are often smaller and proportionally narrower.

Women’s most typical letter size is “B,” categorized as “Normal/Medium/Standard.” A ‘D’ breadth is regarded as wide for females. Extra Wide shoes for ladies are those that are 2E or bigger. Sizes bigger than 10E, which are more typical for diabetic shoes, are available in some pairs of footwear.

For further information on how gender affects width, look closely at the charts on this page.

US SizeNarrow (AA)Average (B)Wide (C/D)Extra-Wide (E)
52 13/16″3 3/16″3 9/16″3 15/16″
5.52 7/8″3 1/4″3 5/8″4″
62 15/16″3 5/16″3 11/16″4 1/16″
6.53″3 3/8″3 3/4″4 1/8″
73 1/16″3 7/16″3 13/16″4 3/16″
7.53 1/8″3 1/2″3 7/8″4 1/4″
83 3/16″3 9/16″3 15/16″4 5/16″
8.53 1/4″3 5/8″4″4 3/8″
93 3/8″3 11/16″4 1/16″4 7/16″
9.53 3/8″3 3/4″4 1/8″4 1/2″
103 7/16″3 3/4″4 3/16″4 9/16″
10.53 1/2″3 7/8″4 1/4″4 5/8″
113 9/16″3 15/16″4 5/16″4 11/16″
123 11/16″4 1/16″4 7/16″4 13/16″

Get To Know About Width With Letters

These can also be written down in only letters, for example, 2A = AA, 3A = AAA, 4A = AAAA, etc. Women’s shoes are frequently referred to as Slim and Super Slim, almost identical to Narrow and Extra Narrow, further complicating matters. You can see the letters that shoemakers use to define the width for ladies in this chart.

4A or AAAASuper-Slim (Extra-Narrow)SS, ES
2A or AANarrowN
BMedium or AverageM or A
2E or EEExtra-WideWW or XW or EW

Get To Know About Children’s Shoe Width

Shoe Width Of Children

To determine a size that will fit both, measure each foot independently. Note where the two ends of the ribbon meet when you wrap it over one foot’s largest area. The ruler should be used to calculate the length of the ribbon that was wrapped around their foot.

Save that figure as width. From medium/average to extra-wide, children’s shoes come in several widths. To determine the appropriate size, use this conversion table.

US SizeAverage (B)Wide (D)Extra-Wide (E)
11 7/8″2 1/4″2 7/16″
1.51 7/8″2 1/4″2 7/16″
22″2 3/8″2 9/16″
2.52″2 3/8″2 9/16″
32 1/8″2 7/16″2 5/8″
3.52 1/8″2 7/16″2 5/8″
42 3/16″2 9/16″2 3/4″
4.52 3/16″2 9/16″2 3/4″
52 1/4″2 5/8″2 13/16″
5.52 1/4″2 11/16″2 7/8″
62 5/16″2 3/4″2 15/16″
6.52 3/8″2 3/4″2 15/16″
72 7/16″2 13/16″3″
7.52 1/2″2 7/8″3 1/16″
82 1/2″2 15/16″3 1/16″
8.52 9/16″3″3 3/16″
92 5/8″3″3 3/16″
9.52 11/16″3 1/16″3 1/4″
102 3/4″3 1/8″3 5/16″
10.52 3/4″3 3/16″3 3/8″
112 13/16″3 1/4″3 1/2″
11.52 7/8″3 5/16″3 1/2″
122 15/16″3 3/8″3 9/16″
12.53″3 7/16″3 5/8″
133 1/16″3 1/2″3 11/16″
13.53 1/8″3 9/16″3 3/4″
1Y3 3/16″3 5/8″3 3/16″
1.5Y3 1/4″3 11/16″3 7/8″
2Y3 5/16″3 3/4″3 15/16″
2.5Y3 3/8″3 13/16″4″
3Y3 7/16″3 7/8″4 1/16″
3.5Y3 1/2″3 15/16″4 1/16″
4Y3 9/16″4″4 3/16″
4.5Y3 5/8″4 1/16″4 1/4″
5Y3 11/16″4 1/8″4 5/16″
5.5Y3 3/4″4 3/16″4 3/8″
6Y3 3/16″4 1/4″4 7/16″

Get To Know About Children’s Shoe Width With Letters

There are also kid’s shoe widths which you can recognize with letters. The industry standard width (which fits 80% of children) is F, followed by E, F, G, and H, which are the bigger sizes.

Widths typically vary from D to H. D is the smallest width. Or else you can get some help from this given chart which will tell you all width sizes in letters so you can find yours.

MMedium or AverageM
XWExtra-WideWW or XW or EW

Some Questions With Their Answers Give You Solutions To Your Problems

How to measure shoe size at home?

In this article, we already told in detail how you could measure your size through the following steps so you can go and get your problem solution.

How to measure foot width for shoe size?

In this article, we’ve already gone into great depth on how to measure your width using the methods below so you can find a solution to your issue.


That’s all, then. Our best effort is to guide you on how to measure the width of the shoe and your shoe size according to the size of your feet and your gender. In this article, you can learn how to measure a man’s or a woman’s size, or even a child’s.

You may use the steps we’ve supplied to measure much more effectively. Using certain charts and tables, you may verify whether what you are following is correct. Additionally, try to offer your problem’s remedies to receive the precise response you need.

The shoe size and its conversion will be explained to you. Following all the conversions, there is a section on our website where we explain how you can measure your shoe size and width in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes. You may convert your size or learn about it thanks to this. Finally, if you have any questions, we will address them for your pleasure. We hope that this article will be as helpful to you as the others were.

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